Tom Woolley

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Not At All The Soufflé Flopped...

It's Simply That It's Done

On Sunday, January 20th, 2013, 138 days ago, I posted this inaugural image of my first meal as 'Food Idiot Trying'

Honey Garlic Pork Loin Chops with Buttery Caraway Egg Noodles

I found the recipe for the meat at For the noodles, I chanced it by going with a recollection of them as served by my mother. Very iffy when disaster was the common result of my attempts to cook unaided by a recipe.

Since then, over these past 5 months and some odd, I have served a cut of pork three additional times. The last on Monday, March 11th, 2013. Poor hubs, he'd finally had it and gently informed me he just hates pork. Easy to understand when this is how I dish up pig:
No, I'm not BARF! I'm Herb Pork Loin with Pomegranate Reduction and Tri-Color Potatoes Tossed In Browned Rosemary Butter. WHATEVER!

So, takeaways:
  1. Brown food on brown plates looks like caa-caa-doo-doo
  2. Reduce a pomegranate down too far and the result is caustic blood
  3. Sometimes Rosemary just confuses things more

When I launched Food Idiot Trying, I had a pretty heady goal for a man who had never undertaken cooking anything with any care or concern ever, including and obviously, pork. 

I presumed in my "About Me" that I would "prepare 5 good-looking, good-tasting meals a week, each week until ringing 2014!" Okay, hard. Really, really hard especially for a Top-Ramen aficionado who just couldn't imagine just how much so.

But, it wasn't a goal created in a vacuum. The hubs and I had started the process of adoption and I, as the stay at-home designee, was going to need to feed that little person something more than a Top-Ramen aficionado generally can whip together in a pinch. I needed to learn to cook for our son.

Well, we are still waiting. The process of adoption is arduous, lengthy and, yes, at times disheartening. Despite it, we push ahead with only one more hurdle left before us.

So what about that damn Soufflé. Well, I made one. A good one. I'm cooking. In advance of my goal, I have reached it. No, by any measure not a chef and I would never proclaim such a thing, but there are a handful of recipe cards filed away in my brain that when shuffled around make pretty fair meals. But the learning and adventures never end. They just change course. Courses which have led to learning about cultures and history and about webby-techy things like HTML and SEO. So, it's simply that I'm done. Time for goodbyes.

I'll be around. Elsewhere Digital. Doing other things. I'm rolling out  'The SEO Pancake', a free service to help inde. food bloggers understand the kind of optimizations that will get them noticed in search, 'HEY, It's...tom', a storytelling blog and, just in case, I've reserved, 'Don'' for a comeback if staging one ever feels right.

So thanks to all who dropped by, the kind folks and the many, many friends I've met and will stay in touch with. You have all been super so, as a parting gift, I leave you with a gallery of all the worst, most over-exposed, out of focus, pixelated images of all the foods I've made that I've hid in folders within folders within folders, under a rock. Please have a laugh and know, I'll be laughing along too.

Thank you,